Halloween Par-tay!

by - October 25, 2010

After about the eighth time of hearing my son say, "Mooooooooom! Can we have a Halloween party! Can we have my friends over. Please, please, please?!" Needless to say, I gave in and it was well worth it. Some pics from the Halloween shin dig we had for a few of my oldest son's friends.

For inquiring minds, here were a few of the party details:
Our Halloween-Themed Food:

Liquid Slime - lime sherbet, sprite and pineapple juice punch with dry ice for the spooky effect. Half the boys wouldn't drink this, afraid of the 'slime' title. I thought boys K-2nd grade would love gross stuff. Oh well.

Zombie Fingernails - Pirate Booty

Blood Pizza - Cici's pizza

Pumpkin Poop - Carrot cookies with orange frosting. Gave them that 'orange' look.

Rat Droppings - Chocolate candy assortment

Vege Tray - no creative name....just something healthy to offer :)

Our Games:

Salt Dough Ghosts -- http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/salt-dough-ghosts-671167/
Eyeball Relay Spoon Race - Colored ping pong balls to look like blood-shot eyeballs. Used spoons and ran around an obstacle course.
Mummy Wrap - Teams of two. First one to wrap up their teammate in an entire roll of toilet paper wins.
Bobbing for Apples - A classic. And everyone really enjoyed it.
Pinata -  All of the Halloween-themed pinatas were sold out and so we said that our pinata dressed up for Halloween and its costume was a football.
Touchy Feely - Had a black box where they stuck in their hand and felt grossness. Brains (boiled cabbage), Heart (blanched and peeled tomato), Witches Warts (old raisins), Vampire Teeth (plastic fork prongs), Worms (noodles), Guts (oiled marshmellows).

Pandora provided the music -- they had a great 'Halloween Party' genre station that we hooked up speakers to. And in-between all the organized stuff, the boys were found wrestling, jumping on the trampoline, eating and playing football. It was a ton of fun.

Party Bags - Included a parachute guy, a mix-CD of my kids' favorite party music (think Hamster Dance, Crazy Frog and Pokemon remix), salt dough ghosts, candy from the pinata and apples from bobbing.

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