Furniture Lust

by - December 04, 2010

I suffer from something called furniture lust. I so often get caught up in looking at design blogs and seeing these amazing pieces of furniture that should be mine -- in a perfect world where money grows on trees. Let me share my latest lusts.

Not too expensive is this adorable floral print chair from Overstock in a rusty orange. Loving the piano legs. The reviews say it's small in stature, which makes it a perfect addition to the cozy corners of my fireplace. A pair, please?A pair of these in my piano room? Just too adorable to pass up. Again, from Overstock. Has anyone else purchased furniture from Overstock? I worry that the quality might not be to par and then what a pain to return, right? Online furniture buying seems like a gamble. Much like the settee I purchased from Target several years ago, that I ADORE, which is high on style but a little low on quality. Again, tho, can't beat the price.

And this....THIS is the crowning glory. As soon as I saw this sofa, the Bianca (by Custom Sofa Design), I think I skipped a heartbeat. Got the wind knocked right out of me. This is so must-have. Under $900, too. Saving my pennies for a pair of loveseats that would sit across from each other in my living room. Or a sofa and loveseat. Can't decide! The entire design of the sofa, the tufted back and sides, the wood legs, the curved arms and the fabric. Oh, the fabric. What a surprise this would be walking into a living room. Full of color and happiness. How could you not stare at it? It would certainly dominate a room, but in an oh-so-good way. It speaks to me.

On a more traditional note, I'm also digging the Donatella in a lighter neutral gray, or even a fun color like green? It looks so comfortable.

Or another fun one is the Bay. That same turquoise would be a fabulous complement to this style.

I'm also liking the Parkland, but my husband is not so keen on it. What do you think?

Right now my living room is so neutral. Brown couches that have long out-lived their life -- the sofa has a huge tear in the back and is beyond repair. Khaki and tan walls with tan berber carpet next to tan tiles on the fireplace next to the previous-homeowners' off-white draperies. I think I might die of boredom. Time to spice it up. I'm aiming toward a living space with peacock blue and kelly green, interspersed with color surprises like that rusty orange (above) or a sunshine yellow. Or just let the turquoise sofa do the talking with bright pillows. So many choices, so little time and money. What are some of your design lusts? Do share!

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