15 Day Juice Fast: Day 6

by - July 27, 2011

Just checking in quickly. Yes, still on the juice fast! A couple points to note:

• Day 4 was my big "breakthrough" day. No cravings, not hungry AT ALL. In fact, I am so NOT hungry that I have to remind myself to juice because it's been a while. That was the day my juice fast really hit cruise control. Easy to keep going from here on out.

• I drink 16-24oz of fresh juice 3-4 times per day. Water is a main staple in between juicing.

• Making food for my family is no big deal. I can be around food, chop it up, smell the amazing aromas and still be ok sipping my kale.

• I do one 80/20 juice for breakfast (80% fruit, 20% vegetable) and 80-100% vegetable juice the rest of the day.

• The most noticeable change has been my ENERGY. Wow....lack of energy has to be my No. 1 complaint with MS. My energy is excellent and very consistent. No highs or lows....just consistently excellent :) What a gift!

• Exercising seems easier. I ran 5 miles today like it was nothing. Barely had to breathe out of my mouth. And I love a good sweat -- getting all those toxins out that my body is working so hard to clean up! Even the post-workout endorphins felt more intense.

• My favorite part is that I am calmer, more patient with my kids. Not that I was a yelling terror before, but there were certainly times where my fuse was too short. My body is more relaxed and so is my emotional state. What a breath of fresh air! Who knew that a JUICE FAST could make me a better mother?

• I have lost 6 pounds in 6 days. I realize most of that is probably due to lack of any food in my stomach, intestines and colon. Part of that will get regained quickly once I start eating again. Although, I can see a couple of inches melting off my waistline. Some clothes that I KNOW were too tight before are fitting again. And my stomach is nearly completely flat.  I thought a lot of that "post baby belly" was fat, but am realizing it was mostly bloating and water retention. Wow. Now I'm wondering what it is I eat that causes that. Some dietary investigation is in order.

• I'm making a mental list of what foods I will eat once off my juice fast. So many things sound so DIVINE and amazingly, they are all healthy! Maybe I can lick this sugar addition once and for all! Here will be a first meal:

Roasted Beets with Blueberry Balsamic Reduction


Doesn't that look amazing? I think I'll sprinkle a little fennel on top with some crispy jicama in lieu of cheese. YUM!

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