15 Day Juicing Fast: Prelude

by - July 21, 2011

Psssssst. Hey you! Ya, you with the greasy bag of fast food/cream cheese bagel/microwave burrito/bag of doritos/mouthful of chocolate. Have you seen THIS documentary?

No? Then turn on your netflix, or find a friend who has netflix and scurry on over to watch it. Inspirational to say the least. Motivational, too. That's why I'm deciding to jump on the JUICING bandwagon. If you know me, I love challenges and experiments when it comes to all things healthy. While weight loss would be nice, I'm really doing it for the disease factor. The main guy in the film/narrator and the man he inspires both overcome a nasty autoimmune illness through juicing (and subsequent lifestyle change). As many of you know, I am treating my multiple sclerosis DRUG FREE. No Copaxone, no beta interferon, no steroids. Never have and (cross my fingers) never will. I truly believe I can overcome my disease through providing my body with the (natural) tools it needs to heal itself. When I saw this documentary, it screamed out to me that this was the next step in my treatment plan.

ENTER: 15-DAY JUICING FAST! You heard me. No food or anything other than freshly-made fruit/vegetable juice (and water) for 15 days straight. I'm a crazy woman. But life isn't very exciting without a little crazy thrown into the mix once in a while. Will I starve? No. The guy in the film didn't. (Yes, I'm basing my expectations entirely on a FILM). Will my body get supercharged and extra healthified? It better! I'm going to miss my chocolate-covered raisins and homemade bread.

It only makes sense. Giving your gut a digestive break while filling it with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to cleanse and detoxify. I'm actually very excited. Eating will be easy with little to no thought. Sure, I still have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the husband and kiddos, but for me it'll be simple. And maybe my kids will get in on the juice-drinking for snack time.

Here's my 2-yr-old drinking a spinach/carrot/cucumber/gi​nger juice. And yes, it does look like he's about to spit it out and puke, but rest assured he drank the whole thing.

So tomorrow is DAY 1! To keep myself accountable, I'm video blogging (VLOG) my adventure. If I know I have to answer to each of you about how my juicing day went, then perhaps I can muster what little willpower I have to hang on and do this thing. Here's the first one - a 4 minute intro into this adventure. Don't laugh too hard. This was taken at about 10pm in my bathroom and it had been a long day, sweating in the Texas sun. Yeehaw!

And I've heard that the first few days really and truly stink so be prepared to hear me whine and gripe. This should be interesting. Must keep my eye on the prize. One step closer to a healthy, disease-free body.

p.s. local peeps -- I have netflix so feel free to have a moving-watching night at my house! Green juice for refreshment!

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  1. Good Luck! I'm really interested to see how your progress. I have a juicer that I love, so I'm more than willing to watch a documentary and get on the band wagon!

  2. What a nice video you made, Clairissa! I am so happy to be doing this juice cleanse with you! I can only imagine how inspired you were from the documentary because I was inspired by hearing you talk about it! I will hope and pray and hope and pray and hope and pray that our bodies will be healed (but especially yours) by day 15!!! Looking forward to your daily blogs about our journey! By the way, you look great in the video, so no worries! Hugs! Michelle

  3. Stacy BrowningJuly 25, 2011

    Chia, You do not look bad, I think the only toxins in your body are the saying that you look bad. I wish I looked as good as you. Good Luck on your journey, I wish nothing but health and happiness for you. Love ya.

  4. Rachel BelknapJuly 27, 2011

    Good luck!! Wow, they cured their disease? I often wonder why I am injecting methotrexate into my body to cure my RA, when it is a poison that kills cells. Seems counter productive. I saw that cover on netflix, but didnt read the description. Now I have to watch it! Looking forward to following along on your journey:)

  5. I'm so proud of you! (Just getting caught up on your juice fast journey.) You may inspire me yet!


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