First-Aid Must: Deliverance Essential Oil

by - August 04, 2011

For the month of August, I am featuring my FAVORITE essential oil and the one that easily gets used the most in my household -- Deliverance.

If you're already familiar with the essential oil world, then you will likely have heard of the Young Living brand. Butterfly Express' Deliverance is the equivalent of Young Living's popular essential oil blend called Thieves.

This essential oil blend is a must have in every home.

Let me give you a few scenarios of why this is the case.

Scenario 1) Your child comes down with a cold/flu/nasty virus. Your scrambling around your medicine cabinet trying to think what would be best to administer. Tylenol? Children's Ibuprofen? Cold medication? But then you think, "Wait? Didn't I read something about NOT giving children any cold medications?" But that doesn't matter at this point, because you see their sick, miserable bodies and are willing to give them anything to feel better. Then you think, "Aren't there some natural remedies for these types of illnesses that I read about once?" But you've forgotten what they are, and because you're under pressure to alleviate your child's misery, you need to give them something NOW.

Scenario 2) You watch the news, you've heard about it from your doctor -- there are SUPERBUGS living among us, waiting to cause an antibiotic-resistant infection at any moment. This isn't fear-mongering, this is reality. Overuse of antibiotics in our society have caused viral and bacterial bugs to adapt and evolve into stronger and harder to kill infections. Anti-bacterial wipes in our homes. Anti-bacterial soap stations, bolted to the wall for everyone's use. These are all part of the problem. Sidenote: I speak from experience -- my once 12-month-old nearly died from an antibiotic-resistant staph infection that forced him into pediatric surgery.

Scenario 3) You've read about aluminum, fluoride, artificial colors/sweeteners and other nastiness in most commercial toothpastes, but decide to turn a blind eye to the fact. Because, what else would we use? The "natural" toothpaste is expensive ($5/tube!) and you're much too busy to whip together a homemade toothpaste recipe. It's just one of those things we have to use and hope it's ok in the end. Right? (And if you haven't heard about the dangers of commercial toothpaste, read this).

All of these scenarios have a solution - DELIVERANCE essential oil. Take a look at what makes up this blend -- clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary, thyme, oregano, wild oregano. These essential oils alone, and even moreso together, create one of the strongest anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungals out there. It's all natural and you're not adding synthetic chemicals to your body.

Deliverance's many uses:

- respiratory infections

- sore throats

- dental diseases and infections

- cold sore/canker sores

- any type of infection

- athlete's foot fungus/toe-nail fungus

- warts

- expectorant

- helps the lymph system to drain

- strengthens the immune system

- use as a household cleaner

- purifies the air to fight viruses and air-borne bacteria

Solution 1) At the first sign of illness, start applying deliverance essential oil to the bottoms of your children's (or yours, depending on who's sick and who you'd like to prevent from getting sick) FEET. Your feet have the largest pores on your entire body, making it an ideal spot to allow *anything* you apply to it to absorb right into the body. I also apply this oil to the chest and back as well. Keep applying every hour or so. This will certainly not cure your illness on the spot, but I definitely believe it shortens the duration of said illness, and even prevents it from becoming more severe by boosting your immune system. During flu season, I apply this oil to the bottoms of my kids' feet while they are still healthy as this may prevent them from catching the flu in the first place. Prevention is much easier than treatment. There are many other oils for specific illnesses and ailments, but this one is my standby. The one I reach for FIRST. It is my first line of defense in my family's first aid kit.

Solution 2) A small spray bottle filed with 100% aloe vera and 10-15 drops of Deliverance is a homemade go-to hand sanitizer. Couple that with my healing lotion bar, and you've a combo much more powerful than the common hand sanitizing soaps and foams found everywhere. And it will do something those artificial sanitizers will not -- kill the superbugs. Make several and keep them handy in every purse, diaper bag, car -- the places you have with you when you're out and about and need protection the most.

How I made mine:

violet glass spray bottle
100% aloe gel
5-10 drops Deliverance
5-10 drops of a citrus EO (orange, grapefruit, lemon)

*other oils with antiseptic properties that can also be used –
Cedarwood, lavender, lemon, lemon grass, myrrh, neroli, patchouli, peppermint, rose, sandalwood, tea tree, thyme and ylang-ylang

Solution 3) I brush my teeth with Deliverance -- and nothing else. I take my toothbrush, get it wet under running water, then add a few drops of Deliverance oil and go to town. My mouth feels super fresh and clean. I realize it sounds strange, but if you just give it a try, you'll find that you prefer it over the conventional stuff. Think about all of the chemicals you're eliminating just from this one change. And think how you are also reinforcing your immune system with every brush. If you're not quite ready to let go of your toothpaste just yet, consider using Deliverance as a mouth wash. Just use your hands. Cup your hands under the faucet to fill it with water, add a few drops of Deliverance and swish around your mouth. You will love it, I promise. And if you do anything, please soak your toothbrushes in water and Deliverance. Especially if you've been sick.

Bonus Solution) Want a kick-butt homemade all-purpose cleaner? Take an empty spray bottle (I often use the cheap $1 ones found in the health/beauty trial section at Target). Fill with 50% water, 50% white distilled vinegar. Add 10-15 drops of Deliverance and shake. Use this in your kitchen and bathrooms and you'll never look back.

You can find Deliverance in the Kissacooper Apothecary, which normally retails for $17 per 10ml bottle, on sale throughout August for $12.50. Free shipping if you are picking it up local in DFW, Texas. $3.95 flat-rate shipping everywhere else. Free shipping for orders over $50. And remember .... the FREE lip balm still applies to the next 7 orders.

Here's to healthy, natural solutions!

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