Herbal First Aid: Part 2 - Stomach

by - September 20, 2011

Time to add to our herbal medicine chest! Let's talk about all-natural remedies to deal with stomach aches and indigestion. There are many causes for a stomach ache and each one has a different remedy.


You ate something that didn't agree with you. Stomach gurgle and poor digestion ensues
Tinctures: chamomile, dandelion. One dropperful in a small amount of water, drink it down.
Essential Oils: Inside Out, peppermint

You eat something that gives you gas and indigestion
Tinctures: catnip, fennel. Catnip is an antacid that helps with gas and bloating. Goodbye multicolored Tums!
Essential Oils: Inside Out, lavender, peppermint

Motion-sickness and motion-induced nausea
Homeopathics: Arsenicum album
Essential Oils: Inside Out, sweet orange
Other: Crystalized ginger. Store it in a little tin or air-tight mason jar and it will keep for a long time. Like a ginger candy! Ginger tea. Peppermint candies or altoids are good, too

Tinctures: chamomile, ginger, lemon balm, licorice, peppermint, spearmint
Homeopathics: Ipecacuanha
Essential Oils: Inside Out, peppermint

Stomach flu or gastritis
Tinctures: lemon balm. Lemon balm does double duty because not only is it calming to the stomach, it is also antiviral and will fight whatever nasty bug you have. We'll talk more about the flu in-depth later on.
Essential Oils: Deliverance, Endo Relief, Inside Out, lemon balm

Food poisoning, including e-coli
Tinctures: Equal parts of elder flower, thyme, and yarrow tinctures. One dropperful (or 25 drops) of each every hour until symptoms subside. 1 dropperful of each, 3 times per day afterward.
Homeopathics: Arsenicum album or Carbo vegetablis homeopathics. Follow up with probiotics during the recovery stage. I'm a fan of VSL #3 probiotic, found at Costco.
Essential Oils: Inside-Out

HERBAL MEDICINE CHEST (with links on where to find it)
Arsenicum album
elder, yarrow, thyme tinctures

Inside Out eo
lavender eo
peppermint eo
peppermint and ginger tea - grocery store
crystalized ginger - health food store (I found mine at Sprouts)
chamomile tincture
catnip/fennel tincture
deliverance eo
lemon balm tincture

lemon balm eo

CHILDREN: When kids have stomach issues, here are some ideas for non-irritating foods: raisins, bananas, ripe sweet fruits, plums, freshly-squeezed fruit juices, avocado, almond milk, cooked vegetables, soup, oatmeal, applesauce. No dairy, wheat or refined sweeteners when stomach is irritated. It is a myth that you should give kids SODA when their stomach is upset. Corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, sodium benzonate, and other chemicals found in commercial sodas are detrimental to their bodies and do more harm than good. And forget gatorade. Check out this easy to make rehydration solution.

SUMMARY: These remedies and suggestions are the very basics I would have in my herbal medicine chest. There is nothing worse than coming down with an illness and not having the right remedies on hand. That is when we feel backed in a corner and forced to take medications that we're not comfortable with. (Hello midnight Walgreens runs!) Have the herbal remedies on hand, learn what they are and how to use them. That way, when something nasty comes your way, you will be prepared and confident in dealing with it in a nurturing and healing way.

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