Hope vs. Fear

by - September 30, 2011

Two different weeks, two different health practitioner appointments. One, an herbalist and chiropractor. The other, a neurologist who specializes in multiple sclerosis. Both are necessary, in my opinion, because the first allows me to continue learning during my natural healing journey while the second is required for ordering certain blood work and MRI tests to chart my progress (or lack thereof). It was amazing to me how different these appointments were. Night and day.

The first was filled with hope, simple solutions, and tools to better myself and my family. The second? Fear. It was literally all fear-based. I was lectured for 30 minutes on WHY it was imperative to be on MS pharmaceuticals. My philosophies were met with rolled eyes and mocking smiles. And if I continued in my "kooky" ways of alternative treatment, well then, expect to be disabled in some way, shape or form in the next decade. It's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN. That's what the numbers say. That's what all the scientific research points to, after all. Scientific research, mind you, that was financially-backed by those with monetary interest in getting as many people possible on those drugs.

And the alternative treatments? Well, there IS NO scientific evidence that they do anything to help with MS, I was told. Translation: No evidence = no proof = you're an idiot to do anything otherwise. Oh, all those people waving their victory flags, saying they were CURED from an otherwise incurable disease because of their healthy lifestyle changes. Those guys? Ya, just ignore them. They don't have a PhD or MD attached to the backs of their names and therefore have no pull in the scientific community. Whatever they did to cure themselves must have been a fluke. Or they had the wrong diagnosis to begin with. Or they are a one in a million chance of that happening. Don't listen to those people. Listen to those with money.

Perhaps there is no scientific evidence that alternative treatments cure disease because there is no money to be made on such ideologies. Who would make money when you stopped eating boxed, processed foods? Who would get wealthy if everyone rid themselves of disease and turned into self-sufficient, happy people, not dependent on drugs? How lucky I am to be born in a time when there are so many drug options available to MS patients, I am told over and over. No. I am blessed because of all those small guys who came before me, stood up for their convictions and chose to share their success stories, their inspiration, their victories! I am lucky because I've met so many wonderful people willing to impart their knowledge with me, of centuries-old herbal medicine and philosophies. These people aren't looking to make a quick buck off of me, they are wanting to help me look deeper, to find that root cause of disease and shut off the switch.

The neurologist asked the reasoning, the logic behind my choice in refusing the standard MS drugs. Prayer, I told her. I prayed about it and once I made my decision to follow a path of natural healing, I felt completely at peace. I was then met with a blank stare. I guess there is no scientific evidence that prayers are answered, and therefore I wasn't speaking her language.

"What's done is done," the neurologist stated. There is NO going back. The lesions are there and will NEVER go away. There is NO CURE. These drugs are your insurance policy against the disease progressing further and faster.

See the language used here? No, Never. FEAR! If a person is told over and over they are stupid, they are stupid, they are stupid ... they are likely to believe it and over time, even say it to themselves. If a patient is consistently told NO, NEVER, DO WHAT I SAY OR ELSE, what do you think they will believe?? What attitude gets implanted in their heads when it comes to their health?

Contrast that with my appointment with the herbalist:

"I have seen clients do 'X' treatment and recover completely from this disease. I'm not making any guarantees, because everyone is different, but THERE IS that POSSIBILITY."

So you're saying there's a chance! I'll take chance, possibility and hope over fear and 'being doomed' any day.

Hope vs. fear. Which one will you choose?

Now I have to insert my asterisk at this point. Both my son and daughter's lives were saved because of modern medicine. I am so grateful for the role they played in our life-threatening scenarios. Forever grateful. Modern medicine, especially in America, is VERY good at emergency care. They are the best. But I am not talking about emergency care here, I am talking about an autoimmune disease (and most disease that our country is plagued with today). Modern medicine is not good at treating these types of diseases. I don't doubt that doctors have the best of intentions for their patients. They are not "out to get us" with their fear-based language. It's just all they know to do. I realize all of this generalizing with ruffle a few feathers. This is my personal experience and my personal opinion. I wanted to share these observations with you so that perhaps when there is another 29-year-old mother of 3 young children who suddenly loses her eye sight and receives a life-changing diagnosis, perhaps she will be able to see past the rhetoric and make an informed, prayerful decision about her treatment. Perhaps this post will help that person.

Don't let anyone scare you into a treatment you do not feel comfortable with. There is hope! You just have to be willing to seek and learn and listen and work and change .... and pray.

(A respectful shout out to my father and grandfather, who are brilliant physicians and have dedicated their lives to helping others. They, most certainly, do not fall under the category of fear-based health that I have explained here today. They are rays of sunshine and a great blessing to my life. They also respect and support my decision to treat  multiple sclerosis drug-free, of which I am very appreciative.)

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  1. I understand why your neurologist would tell you her opinion on your treatment, but it can be done in a respectful way. And instead of fighting you on your choice of treatment for your OWN body maybe she should work with you on treating it. Maybe if she looked at the bigger picture she could be the physician that says "Hey natural healing really works" to the rest of the medical community. People are so close minded in their thinking it's frustrating.
    I applaud you for taking the courage to look for alternative ways to cure yourself. You have an inner strength that shines.

  2. I really admire that you don't let the doctors get to you. You should be really "well pleased" with yourself for following your gut and helping others a long the way. I've really enjoyed seeing this website move a long.... please keep the post and information coming. :)

  3. @Vicky, in the neurologist's defense, she was actually very respectful, in that she didn't belittle me or anything. And she did preface her script in saying she had to do her due diligence in telling me these things, every single time I come in, as her duty as a physician. But I couldn't help but keep noticing the fear language creep into everything she was saying. It really was the overwhelming theme of the visit.

    Thx for your encouraging words, Vicky! :)

  4. Good for you for going with your gut + prayer! I've been there for my son with prayer being what gave me the answer I needed that no doctors or medicine could help with. Not sure my auto-immune works that way but your article is a good reminder to research it. I knew a lady who was diagnosed several years ago with brain cancer and the Dr.s gave her 3 months to live. She went on a detox/strict diet and herbal remedies, etc. and she still living today 2+ years later. It is surprising there's not more who support a more natural way of healing.

  5. That's exactly what my doctor's told me about my liver! That drugs would be my only choice for the rest of my life. Well, 10+ years of autoimmunosuppresant drugs ARE killing me. I felt old. No more! Like you, I embrace hope. The promise that the restoration of the body, through Christ, can happen NOW. Are you LDS?

  6. Hi Wendy! Thx for visiting! Yes, I am LDS :)


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