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by - September 29, 2011

Last week I had a very interesting appointment with Kal Sellers, otherwise known as The Mad Herbalist. Having listened to his radio podcast for the past many months, I was super excited to hear that he was traveling to Dallas for a quick visit, a class and consults. If you haven't listened to Kal, he is a wealth of info on natural healing and his message really resonates with me. Take a listen on the Preparedness Radio Network and visit his website. Lots of great archived shows to check out and great free info on his website.

As many of you know, I've been treating multiple sclerosis drug-free since my diagnosis over three years ago. I was grateful to visit with Kal and garner more insight into my natural healing journey. I took pages of notes between his 2-hour class and my 1-hr personal consult. Some of the info I'll share will be pertinent to everyone and some, just for me, but perhaps it could help others out there seeking answers to their health issues.

No. 1 Tip: DIET
For the first time in history, this generation of children are on pace to die of OLD AGE diseases before their parents. It is no secret that bad health is at epidemic proportions and no one can seem to figure out why. Perhaps it's a combo of diet, electromagnetic waves all around us, environmental toxins, many generations of people eating "non-foods", etc. But no matter what the source is, we have to do everything in OUR control to make sure we are the healthiest we can be. We cannot afford to eat badly when so much around us is causing stress on our bodies. The main health source in our control: Diet.

Kal recommends a dairy-free, wheat (gluten)-free, refined sugar-free diet with little-to-no animal proteins. That may sound extreme to many used to the Standard American Diet (SAD), but consider the alternative. Continue on our country's path of diet, where obesity, depression, pharmaceutical drug-dependence and rampant disease is found all around us. OR --- Make permanent lifestyle changes (notice I did not say "go on a diet") that reverse the vicious cycle. For me, this lifestyle change is worth the opportunity to help my body heal from multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism and eczema, while also helping my daughter continue healing from asthma and rampant allergies. How bad does your health have to get before it's "worth it" to you? Don't wait as long as I did. To prevent disease is significantly easier than climbing back up the cliff of health once you've fallen off.

What I'm doing:
• No wheat (gluten). Perhaps down the road when I've healed, I can go back to eating "sprouted" wheat. But for now, it's on my banned list. I CAN have amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, which should all be sprouted before eating.
• No dairy. In Kal's words, anything from a mammary gland.
• No refined sugar. You know, the white stuff. But listen to all that I CAN have: molasses, fruit, honey, stevia, agave, maple syrup, sucanat.
• Organic, grass-fed animal protein no more than 2 times per week. Less if I can.
• Never eat past 6:30pm.
• Herbal tea/smoothie/water/fruit only til 10am every day.
• 70-80% raw
• 100% whole food
• Nourishing plant-based diet

If you were to put a "label" on this way of eating. It is commonly known as GFCF (gluten-free, casein-free). This eliminates the gut load my digestive system has to deal with and allows for healing to take place. Inflammatory-causing foods are elminated. If you were to ask me three years ago if I'd be eating this way, I'd probably laugh at you. You see, I wasn't ready for it. Why do something if you're not committed to it? Why do it if you doubt it? If you do make a lifestyle change in the name of health, do it with a grateful heart, a good attitude and lots of faith. A sour attitude would make all of your efforts fruitless.

* Kal's wife has an excellent website with many resources that speak to this particular diet, including tips and recipes. You can view that HERE.

My Personal Assessment:

Kal observed that my upper cervical spine (where the majority of my MS lesions are located) was one of the worst he's seen in all his years as a practicing chiropractor. He said it would require intense therapy through a trained Nucca chiro for at least 2X/week for 6 months. Apparently my c-spine is so messed up, it's fixated and will not respond to normal adjusting. He said he has seen MS patients with less severe c-spines go through Nucca therapy and completely recover from their MS indefinitely (as long as their spine remained in place and they always kept the inflammation response in check).

Apparently my adrenal glands are non-existent. My bile ducts are clogged and not producing bile at all. My liver was in good shape and healthy, but running HOT (because of the lack of bile going through), which is the cause of my eczema. He said every skin condition is generally the symptom of a liver that is not functioning normally. Once my bile glands start flowing normally, the skin conditions should clear up. Sidenote: Since performing 'bile duct' massages on myself as he showed me, my skin is indeed clearing up. Perhaps this could also be a result of the diet. My thyroid was healthy, but low (obviously since I'm hypo), but he thought that my thyroid condition was secondary, meaning that once we address the other issues, it could heal. My stomach was shoved up in my diaphragm and he "massaged" it into the spot where it should be (it hurt). He also massaged my bile ducts (ouch!).

He finished up with saying that the fact that my spine was so severely bad, and how clogged I was, it was amazing I was staving off major MS symptoms and doing as well as I am. He said that was a testament to the fact that I've been working hard at healing myself. Thank you for that affirmation!

The treatment he suggested was:
-- Nucca chiro therapy 2X/week, for 6 months and then be readjusted twice per year. If I can't find nucca, find someone certified to do Grostic method or KneeChest.
-- Liver Power Formula (herbal tincture) that feeds liver and adrenal glands
-- Drink Barberry LG tea 1 cup, 2X daily for bile flow
-- Self stomach massage 1X/day
-- Self bile duct massage 3X/day
-- Take an anti-inflammatory herb every single day and rotate herbs every 6 weeks. Rotate between evening primrose oil, nettle, yucca
-- Continue taking KNA tincture (kelp, nettles, alfalfa) for healthy thyroid. I've been taking this daily instead of my levothroid for the past 1-2 months
-- Take "Infection Formula" herbal tincture to kill that gut infection

For my daughter:
The most interesting thing I learned in my daughter's consult was this: Her many allergies are due to her bowels not moving often enough and a "toxic" liver. Once we address the bowels and remove stressors from the liver, her allergies should fade away. Such a simple answer for what I considered a considerably complicated issue. I'm grateful for learning the cause of issues and how to treat them rather than merely addressing symptoms as modern medicine often does.

So that's it! What are your thoughts? Who wants to make this lifestyle change with me? I'd love to see what we can collectively "cure" through making these changes in our lives.

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  1. so you finally went totally gluten free....I remember talking to you a few months back and you weren't quite ready then. It's a big change...good for you. You are a strong woman and an inspiration.

  2. Wow, I'm glad you shared this story! I think it's great how we are led to what we need when we are ready. I found another healing therapy just recently that you may want to read about called, "The Emotion Code," by Bradley Nelson (he's LDS.) It's fascinating how trapped emotions can cause illness. I just bought the more in depth version of Bradley Nelson's "The Body Code." Using muscle testing you can ask the body what is going on and how to fix any problems found. It's been fascinating. I did some work on my right shoulder that has been in pain for years and now it is pain free. Here's a video that explains it:

    I'm just learning how to do it, but if you want to check out a certified practitioner here is a link to one I found:

    You can try muscle testing yourself too and ask yourself yes/no questions:

    Take care and God Bless you and your family!

  3. Great job! Thanks for the example you are to me. I am also young (mother of 4) and treating 2 autoimmune digestive conditions successfully without drugs doing many of the same things you are doing. I started about six months ago and my adrenals are finally healed enough that I'm exercising lightly again! Yay!! It was really hard changing my diet so drastically but I recommitted again (after a month lapse in the summer) to better health through foods that help me feel my best! Something that really helped me when I couldn't exercise (can you? it takes the adrenals and endocrine system about 6 months to heal and balance out - don't push it too fast!) is to soak my feet in hot water, essential oils, and redmond clay. I LOVE KNA. Them my happy herbs.

    Do you have good, alkalized water? That helps me a lot too. I don't blog as much as I'd like but you can see my blog here: I am also fighting candida so sugar is off my list and I allow myself keifer and occasional yogurt, which helps replenish the gut with good bacteria.

  4. Hi Wendy. Yes, I'm able to exercise, even tho my adrenals are apparently not in good working order. Working on that currently. I am hypothyroid, but stopped taking my meds 3 months ago and replaced with KNA. That, coupled with my diet of GFCFSF, my energy is much higher than usual and I feel great. Thanks for your kind comment. Take care.


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