Decorating + Juicing

by - February 28, 2012

No excuse for my long absence from blogging. So sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes. I have lots to tell you about and will work on keeping my entries short and sweet as to not overwhelm myself (and you) with info. In the meantime, just wanted to share with you my new favorite thing in my home. I had my eye on some mint green cake stands at Costco, but didn't want to shell out the $$. This week I stopped by and saw that they were on SALE. p.s. If you are ever shopping at Costco and notice an * (asterisk) on the price sign, it means the store is not restocking that item so if you want it, you better get it NOW. I've been burned with waiting on items only to return and find that they were gone. Back to my story. So these adorable cake stands were about $10 less than they originally were, which put them in my budget and, frankly, were too irresistible as a Spring decoration. Our family just so happen to really INTO juicing right now. Kids et al. Alas, the Costco visits. We buy produce IN BULK. I decided to stack the cake stands on top of each other to create to tiers and layered our favorite juicing citrus on it. Not only is it pretty, but it reminds me to keep making fresh juices throughout the day when I feel like snacking. Win-win.


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