St. Patrick's Day

by - March 08, 2012

I've never been one for decorating much on St. Patrick's Day, but pinterest is changing all of that for me. So many fun ideas out there. Here is the fireplace mantel I put together, inspired by pinterest boards.

• Lucky Banner printable found here.

• Felt shamrocks from here.

• Fabric rose wreath is an oldie (inspired from here) that I just pinned on a couple of the shamrocks to make it relevant. Back from the crafting days with my craftalicious gals in Georgia.

• And I knew I kept that old green bottle of sparkling grape bubbly for something. Just stick a couple silk flowers in it and voila. Find other random greenness around the house -- candles and a silk vine. Cost = $0.

Need a couple festive GREEN food items to celebrate with that DO NOT involve food coloring? (You all know how I feel about artificial colors....I will spare you the rant).

Try the rainbow fruit salad! You know....rainbow as in leprechaun? As in gold at the end of the rainbow?

Or a green smoothie? Mango, pineapple (you don't even taste the spinach) ...

Here's one of my absolute favs. Green lemonade! You could drink this straight or freeze it into popsicles for a great after-school snack!

For dinner, we will be having gluten-free pesto noodles. My kids lovingly call them GREEN NOODLES. The pesto was made last fall when I was harvesting my basil plant. We made up large batches of pesto and froze them in ice cube trays and have been enjoying fresh pesto all winter. Be sure that you pick up a basil plant at your local nursery this spring. They do great in the summer, but keep them out of temps 40 degrees and lower. If you don't grow from seed, transplants are usually $2-3 each and totally worth it! Also, if you are into companion planting, plant your basil next to your tomatoes. They love each other :)

Here's my basil last November. Thriving in all its green glory!

Happy St. Patricks!



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