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by - April 04, 2012

It's been 6 months since meeting with Kal Sellers (The Mad Herbalist)and committing myself to a gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free diet. I've tweaked the diet even more and do very little meat. For the sake of my family and their happiness, I indulge in organic, grass-fed chicken once a week at most. But the easiest way to explain how I eat is best stated by the documentary Forks Over Knives: Plant-based diet. Have you seen that documentary? Powerful stuff. Because food itself is very powerful. It's a very important topic that apparently our country is very uneducated about given our current obesity and disease rates.This is my ultimate goal of what my personal food pyramid should look like. Still working toward that goal, but I'm closer than ever before. Certainly I am feeling and experiencing the positive effects from these lifestyle changes.

So like I was saying...six months ago. Here's a summary about what has happened in the past six months.


The eczema I've suffered with for my entire life (literally since I was a baby) is 100% cleared up. I tried every cream, lotion, topical steroid treatment you can name that the dermatologist would send my way. Drug-store varieties, expensive "organic" creams. None of it worked. Sure, symptoms may have been alleviated, but the source was never addressed. It got to the point where I would refuse to shake people's hands because I was so raw, peeling (and sometimes bloody) on my hands. Disgusting, right? FINALLY....at 32 years old I figured it out. Diet was my cure for eczema. Skin needs to heal from the INSIDE OUT. Being the largest organ in your body, skin is the tell tale of the body. Bad skin = toxic body.


Have you ever had the kind of fatigue where you were laying on the couch and your mind was telling you to get up and listing all of the things you needed to get done, but your body just would not respond? Mental, emotional and physical fatigue all lumped into one mish mash of misery. Particularly discouraging when you have young children to care for. Brain fog was also a part of this problem. There were days in my desperate fatigue that I could barely complete a coherent thought. You exist, but you don't function. The only way to describe it is debilitating. After diet changes? Gone. I feel like my old self again. What a blessing to have the energy to clean my house, take the kids to the park, attend after-school activities, make dinner and put the kids to the bed. The sorts of things you take for granted until you can no longer do them. The gift of energy is a wonderful gift. Diet can do that for you.


For years I had an under active thyroid that caused me to lose my hair, have low energy, flaky/dry skin, slow metabolism and many other symptoms that are part of hypothyroidism. I was on a daily, prescription medication to help regulate the thyroid hormone levels. After changing my diet, my thyroid corrected itself. My last blood work showed that my thyroid levels were within normal range and no longer required the prescription drugs. I love being able to peel off that label from my psyche.


My last MRI in November indicated that I did have new lesions (from the MS) in both my brain and spine. However, in the interest of seeing the glass half-full, the fact that I had more lesions was beside the point. I went from having 12 new lesions in six months time (back in the early part of my diagnosis) to having only 4 new lesions in TWO YEARS. Not only that, but one of the old lesions had shrunk in size. That would indicate that old scar tissue is healing and old nerve damage is regenerating. I have no doubt that the disease is slowing down. I'm actually excited to see what my next MRI will show in May as I'm brimming with optimism.


I have never felt overweight ... technically. According to those BMI charts, I've always fit right inside the healthy parameters. But like everyone else, I had this "ideal" number I was always striving for. You know, the number that I always felt would be perfect for my height and frame and I would feel comfortable in clothing. Maybe if I worked out harder. Maybe if I try the HCG diet. It wasn't until I stopped worrying about weight and the number on the scale and instead focused on HEALTH for health's sake that the weight started falling off. The plant-based diet helped me lose 15 pounds without even trying. Without ever being hungry. I know I sound like an infomercial trying to sell you the latest weight-loss pill, but this is free advice. Spend all of that money you'd spend on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, pills, and therapy sessions from feeling deprived and instead spend it on KALE, carrots, broccoli, celery, beans, brown rice... those things are not that expensive. Better yet, grow your own food and save even more. Not only did I hit that "ideal" number I longed to see on the scale, but I went 4 pounds UNDER it. I never in my wildest dreams thought that was possible after three kids. I consider this a happy side-effect of plant-based eating. This may be the first summer in my post-pregnancy life that I'm not cringing at swimsuit season.

Hard to believe I lost 15 of THESE---------------------------->

SO there you have it. The quest toward healing what doctors like to call "incurable" continues. It continues with my head held high, with faith in knowing that my body has the ability to heal when given the right tools. In six more months I'm confident there will be another good report to share. Thanks for listening and don't forget..... LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE!

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  1. Becky PettApril 04, 2012

    What are the best home remedies for reducing inflammation ASAP?

  2. absolutely amazing clairissa. My eyes are watered because of your faith and also your will. People can have faith, but without action, faith is nothing right? I know you have worked hard and done all the research you possibly can to figure out how to do this naturally. And amazing, from what franc has told me in the past about MS, what you are saying is really amazing. WONDERFUL! I have read so much about raw, plant-based eating and how great it can be for you. It just seems hard sometimes! (I sorta tried to do this a few times). I have to agree though, when I am eating really really well, and drinking lots of veggies (more so since I watched that food matters or whatever its called) I REALLY notice a difference in how much energy I have! anyway, glad to hear about your success and health.

  3. The issues you have described summarizes R's health issues almost perfectly (except for MS). Sounds like she could benefit a lot by following down your path.


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