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by - May 10, 2012

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Just had my six-month MRI scan done to check the progress of the multiple sclerosis. Progress -- not in the sense of progression of disease, but instead my progression of healing. It's all about semantics, people. Attitude goes a long way in the natural healing process.

No results yet as I need to meet with the neurologist and have her interpret the loveliness of my brain and cervical spine. However, I wanted to jot down something interesting that happened today. In the MRI I am given a contrast dye via my veins so they can see if any new lesions 'glow'. You nearly have to sign your life away prior to being given this dye as it can cause all sorts of problems if someone had kidney issues. Anyway........ the technicians always recommend greatly increasing your intake of fluids following the dyes to aid your kidneys in flushing it out.

As I walk out of the facility, they show me a stash of cookies and sodas that are free for the taking to all of their patients. Soda and cookies! Sounds like an excellent FLUSH to me! Not. Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, there was also water available. But let me just say that it seems when one is trying to heal from (or prevent) disease, they are set up to fail at every turn. Who can turn down a FREE cookie and FREE soda? Those types of things are everywhere. Ingrained in our culture. We are programmed to feel entitled to the sugar high. After all, I did just spend two hours with my body wedged in a very claustrophobic-inducing tube. I deserve a cookie, right?

My point is to not make anyone feel guilty for having a cookie and soda. Falling off the wagon is to be human. A rare treat is ok. My point is that, when it comes to your health, keeping your eye on the big picture is so important. Essential, even. It's so empowering to be able to walk by those things and not feel tempted and not want any part of it because you want to give your body a fighting chance! Just walk away. Be confident enough to say no thank you even though everyone else in the room is doing it, even expecting you to. Our culture may be setting us up for failure, but we are stronger than that. We demand health.

Sadly, even worse than adults being set up for failure are our children. I remember signing up my son for kindergarten and upon walking in the school, the first thing he was handed was a lollipop. He gathered three more along with a bag of chips by the time we left the school. Need I remind you of class parties, holidays, birthday parties, soccer (or other sports) after-game snacks? When my son went to his cub scouts pack meeting, the theme was on health. As well-intentioned as it was, the snack for the event was dum dum lollipops, fastened together to resemble a dumbbell (i.e. an actual REAL item that helps one build muscle as opposed to this symbol of one that causes insulin resistance and inflammation.) The irony was not lost on me.

How can we be expected to teach our CHILDREN about real health when we say the words and then hand them sugar? Back to my MRI can the health providers expect to help their patients when they say please flush this unnatural substance from your body, but before you go, here's a cookie and soda. Wake up! Take your head out of the sand and recognize the need to be educated about HOW to succeed with food. How to succeed with healing our bodies and digging ourselves as a country out of this death trap. Teach your children and don't be afraid to be different while doing it. You will be setting them up for success!

Be healthy, friends!


p.s. Here was my FLUSH. A nutrient-rich, fresh juice of rainbow chard, beets, lemon and grapefruit.

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  1. That is so true. Junk food is everywhere and made to seem completely harmless and a normal part of life. We are just beginning to see it around us with a four and two year old and it is SO HARD to say "no." Especially when your own family is the main culprit! They know we don't drink soda and try to limit sugar - why is it so fun to give treats to kids? Give them a hug or read them a book instead! :) We are far from perfect, but I'm trying to teach my girls that too much sugar is not good for their bodies. Chess understands a little, but they still want it, especially when everyone else has it. Okay, enough rambling. Thanks for educating us!

  2. oh so so true. And I am not as stalwart as you at declining cookies, but it is so true. Everytime I have a baby (2 times now!) I am amazed at the food they give me while I recover there in the hospital. I was given fried chicken and mac and cheese right after I had olivia. I hadn't eaten fried chicken since I was in middle school but I was so hungry I downed it anyhow. Anyway, my class went well the other day at church, though I really wished some more people had shown up... namely my friends who I KNOW eat very poorly, and feed their children poorly (because they own lots of mcdonalds franchises). It was great though, because the people that did come left talking about buying blenders to make smoothies, and eating oatmeal for breakfast, and lots of other great things! I only wish you had been there to REALLY teach those ladies! You are an inspiration to all on what heathy eating can be, and how it can change your life.

  3. The video depicting your courageous battle of multiple sclerosis is inspiring. I am the father of a daughter with M.S. and I think your story and blog is awesome. Thanks!!!!

  4. Congratulations!

    Yes you are what you eat.

    My wife was diagnosed with MS in 2007. After trying Betaseron for the first few months and having bad injection site reactions, she moved on to IVIG infusions. After 4 years of infusions and about $500,000 dollars later she was starting to show signs of kidney failure. The infusions were so had on her, I did some research to see if there were any better options. I came across some information about Low Dose Naltrexone. She has been taking LDN for a little over 4 months now, and for about $1.00 a day she has her life back!! You may not need this but please check it out.

    We are working on the diet change, we have been eating whole organic foods for over a year now.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Please post your favorite juice receipe.


  5. Well said! I had a similar situation at the hospital when my baby had RSV. The nurses were practically begging me to have soda so that I can stay "hydrated" to nurse my sick baby. I just kept asking for water and that never seemed good enough for them!

    My husband is always commenting how there are so many overweight dietary technicians and nurses. It seems so contradictory!

    Thank you for your wise words! I will be sure to keep checking in from time to time!


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