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by - June 05, 2012

I remember listening to a podcast by Kal Sellers (a chiropractor, herbalist and natural healer that I really respect) and he said, "When I cut you, I want you to bleed green." I always thought this was a fascinating notion and a great reminder about how essential GREEN, living foods are to our health. Below was taken from one of his newsletters, found here.

#1 Bleed Green. This is #1 for a reason. Without a doubt it is the most important thing I currently know about fighting cancer or any chronic disease, actually. Make it a goal to bleed green. Of course, you cannot literally do this, but the idea is to get so much wheatgrass juice, green supplements, green smoothies and green juices into you several times per day that you imagine if you keep it up you shall soon bleed green. We know that our bodies can manufacture blood out of chlorophyll in plants by only making one very easy, very fast, very small change...we exchange the magnesium for iron and it becomes blood.


Bleeding green becomes not only a way to replenish healthy blood into our bodies, it also changes our blood chemistry to an alkaline, well-oxygenated state with medicinal accoutrements that fight cancer, dry out infection, hydrate connective tissue, improve liver function and so forth. This last point, that of liver function, is particularly interesting to cancer patients who always have liver problems before they have cancer.


Bleeding green also has another perk: it calms and relaxes our minds so that we can begin to face up to dark, degenerative issues in our psyche that are psychological and emotional cancer. These issues can be "acknowledged and accepted," to our credit where they have been pushed away out of frustration, anger or fear. It is the belief of some of us in the natural healing world that this is as important as anything for any state of disease, physically, socially, financially, spiritually or familially.


Basic "Bleed Green" smoothie: 1/4 cup of white grapefruit juice, juice of one lime, 1-2 cups of healthy water, 2 frozen bananas, 2 ounces of other frozen fruit (organic) and 3-5 leaves of organic kale (or large handful of organic spinach, fresh, homegrown comfrey leaves, organic beet greens/swiss chard, etc), 3 or so tablespoons of agave nectar to taste (honey is fine, but less desirable than agave for these smoothies). Blend until relatively smooth. Drink with delight. Total raw foodists may switch out the grapefruit for something fresh juiced.


Drink to start and end the day. 

Kal Sellers, MH

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