Day 1-4 of GAPS Diet

by - October 18, 2016

Some things I've noticed since starting the GAPS Diet.
  • I wake up feeling awesome in the morning. Lots of energy, especially for working out. Not hungry at all. 
  • 2-4pm. Tired, sleepy, grumpy. I attest this to my old habits. This would be a time of day I would grab a snack, usually one bad for me. Somthing sweet or salty. Usually processed. My body misses that treat and is mad at me that I'm missing it. I'm hungry, but not because I'm really hungry, just hungry for a treat. So I guess call it a "withdrawl" symptom.
  • No bloating - hallelujah! This happened every. single. time. I ate something so to be alleviated of that is a welcome blessing. 
  • Feeling like I'm letting go of some water weight. Again, this goes along with bloating, but also just that general feeling of being puffy and fat that accompanies unhealthy eating is going away.
  • Day 4 I feel like I've finally got some momentum going on this crazy diet. I have a real sense of purpose and am excited about that. That purpose and mental focus really helps push past the cravings for sweets and snacks. 
  • Speaking of snacks, I don't eat them. I'm just not hungry. I feel full after my morning smoothie. I feel full after lunch. And I feel full after dinner. I'm not finding a need to eat beyond that. Again, doesn't mean I'm not CRAVING. Yes, I am craving sugar, crunchy saltiness, snackiness, but I'm able to recognize the difference between that and actual HUNGER. I'm not hungry! 
  • 8-10p. Tired, sleepy, grumpy, craving -- AGAIN. Another time of day I would indulge in a treat. I got in a habit of munching on something sweet, tho usually small, after dinner quite often. My imbalanced gut microbes are super mad at me. I am really trying to not eat anything after dinner. Not even healthy snacks. Just giving my body maximum time to digest dinner and start the healing and detox process at night. 
  • Going to the bathroom all the time. This is definitely from all of the extra water I'm drinking all day. Besides my morning smoothie, herbal tea, and nightly detox tea, I'm only drinking water.

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